WSX has revealed its global broadcast partnerships For 2023 Season


WSX has revealed its global broadcast partnerships For 2023 Season


WSX Championship Announced TV Broadcast 2023


The WSX has revealed a significant upgrade to its global broadcast partnerships for the 2023 season. Over 180 countries and approximately 500 million households across the globe will now have access to live coverage of the Supercross racing event.

Mick McKeown, the Chief Commercial Officer of WSX, highlighted the importance of the WSX live, as-live, and replay schedule on partner networks.

Our commitment to expanding the reach of Supercross remains unwavering as evidenced by our extensive range of broadcast partners, which is arguably one of the most all-encompassing networks in the sport's history. We take pride in this achievement.

WSX has successfully secured major partnerships with Eurosport and DAZN, in addition to key broadcast partners within its host regions. Along with the exclusive rights agreement within the U.S., WSX has expanded its reach and accessibility to an even wider range of audiences.

Japan, Brazil, sub-Sahara Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East have also reached a finalized agreement on television rights due to their heavy involvement and participation in supercross viewing.

Catch live telecasts of specific races on top-rated channels Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2. Moreover, you can see a recap of each round, highlights, and results at

Until December 2023, DAZN is set to air the FIM World Supercross Championship exclusively in Japan, while the rest of the world can also view it non-exclusively through the platform.

On Saturday 1 July 2023, the FIM World Supercross Championship will begin its first round in Birmingham. Get your premium subscription by subscribing at Bike Racing Live TV offers worldwide access to all sports in one place for just a single subscription fee. Our subscription fee is too less and affordable so all fans can enjoy millions of sports without any interruption.

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